Ancient Crafts


Australian Bushcraft Show with Stan

A power-packed show of the craft of yesteryear – consummate showman with a rollicking sense of humour, Stan Ceglinski’s power-packed show inspires a love for age-old traditions of all types of bushcraft. A mountain of a man, an award-winning bushcrafter with a deep love and knowledge of the skills of yesteryear, he will take you on a sentimental journey into our heritage and our past, passing on a host of knowledge that our country must not lose.

Stan loves wood and sees it, not only as part of Australia’s heritage, but as a magnificent and vital part of our daily lives. “To become a true craftsman” he says, “a man must live in wood, listen to it, learn it, love it and understand it.” “Technology vs Tradition”.

“Twenty years has been spent, traveling around Australia to the finest Woodworking expo’s where I would meet thousands of interesting folks, wood workers, demonstrators/others all the while demonstrating/entertaining and educating folks with “traditional bush crafts and timber skills”.  Hand made instruments and playing and making them at my shows/presentations gathered momentum and alternative audiences from young to old. 

So today, as I write this, I am planning festivals this year and I hope for many to come, demonstrating/teaching/work-shopping and sharing my skills, passion and experience to kids from about 4 years old to 80 or so years old – making musical instruments from “found” or salvaged materials and then learn to play – even a simple “groove”. 

“You gotta love life”
Stan Ceglinski

Presented by Bendigo Bank


Saturday October 30, 2021, from 10am – 12noon

Sunday October 31, 2021, from 10am – 12noon

Bring your children along for some hands-on activities, including “have-a-go” with the shaving horse and draw knife, cross cut saw with a 100-year old saw – and carving a pair of music sticks from specially selected timber species.  Along with this unique experience and  treasured memory, your kids will take home a memento of their time with Stan! 

“I tell life stories, make it a bit of fun and have a bit of fun, but I’m really serious about fostering wood work in children.”

Presented by Bendigo Bank